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Microsoft Excel can be used for a wide variety of different applications. However, some applications really require the use of a template in order to make sure that the user can keep track of everything, and that all of the formulas are inputted correctly. When it comes to using Microsoft Excel as a donation tracker for instance, it’s important that users know precisely what they’re doing in order to keep an accurate record.

Using the Microsoft Excel Donation Tracker

The way this donation tracker template works is fairly simple. Users simple fill in the name of the individual, and how much that individual donated to a given cause. Once the numbers are filled in, the template automatically adjusts the amount of money that’s been collected and shows a new total. So, as long as the list of donors and what they’ve given is correct, the Excel donation tracker template can keep a solid record of how much money is in the pool. It can even show how much money a donation drive still has to collect, if that particular function is programmed into the template.

Free to All

For those who want to have a donation tracker to help make their charity drives that much easier, it’s easy to acquire the template because you can get it for free on this page with a simple click of the mouse. Once you have downloaded the complimentary donation tracker template, it’s just a simple matter of filling it in and making sure that all of the money is accounted for from the beginning of a charity drive all the way to the end.

Always Save as a New File

In order to preserve the original template, it’s important for any changes made to be saved under a new and different file name. Just clicking the save button will over-write the template and make it necessary for a user to download a new template for any and all future endeavors. While users can opt to do that if they want, it is an extremely time consuming and ultimately unnecessary process.

Download: Donation Tracker

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