Donation Receipt

Donation Receipt

Making donations or charitable contributions can be beneficial in so many ways. Keeping a record of the donations or contributions you or someone else has made can also pay huge tax dividends down the road. A donation receipt is critical to ensuring you’re keeping an accurate record of what you or someone you know has pledged. These records are also necessary in the event you plan on reporting them during tax season. The donation receipt for pledges and donations available on this site is instantly downloadable and completely free.

Filling Out the Donation Receipt

The donation receipt form is exceptionally easy to use and fill out. The top line is reserved for the name of the organization. Just below that is an area for contact information in the event that someone has questions. There is space on the donations receipt for the name of the organization and their phone number.

The heart of the donation receipt includes 10 categories. The categories include:

  • Donor Name
  • Donor Address
  • Donor’s City
  • Donor’s State/Province
  • Donor’s Postal Code
  • Donor’s Phone Number
  • Donor’s Total Pledge Amount
  • Type of Donation
  • Description
  • Value


The first seven categories are self-explanatory as they are reserved for the basic contact information of the donor and what the donor committed to pledging. In the “Type of Donation” column, you will reveal if the donor pledged merchandise, services or cash. In the “Description” column, you will provide a brief synopsis for the merchandise or services offered or provided in the event that was the donation. The “Value” column will briefly estimate the total value of what was pledged or donated.

The information can easily be typed in via keyboard, or they can be printed off and filled in by hand later. The template is also customizable, so you can add or remove categories based on the needs of an organization. The color scheme can also be changed and logos can be added to reflect the commitment of the foundation, company or organization.

Keeping track of donations made or received will be easier than ever before with this printable and downloadable contributions receipt.

Download: Donation Receipt

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