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Example of a Free Invoice Template

Invoice sheets are a mandatory component of the shipping and receiving process. Depending on the size of your company and the amount of products and goods leaving your facility, keeping track of the number of invoices can be an absolute nightmare. For those looking for an easier way to track invoices while also hoping to save money, a free invoice template could be exactly what you have in mind.

Not only is the invoice template free, it is also 100% customizable and can be downloaded instantly.

Using the Free Invoice Template

The template is designed to make inputting, recording, reading and displaying the information as easy as possible. The invoice template free edition is broken down into nine categories:

  • Invoice Number
  • Date
  • Example of a Free Invoice TemplatePayment Due Date
  • Customer/Company Name
  • Amount Due
  • Late Amount Due
  • Total Paid
  • Date Paid
  • Outstanding Balance


Filling out this template is a quick and painless process. You will begin by inputting the number of the invoice beginning with the first one on your list. Next, you will fill in the date the invoice was process, followed by the date the payment is due. Then you will need to input the name of the customer or the company that received the goods and the amount the products cost.

The next column is designated to denote if there is a late fee associated with the transaction. Next, you will mark down the total amount the customer/company has paid and the date they paid it. The final column is reserved for the outstanding balance if there is one.

Unquestionably one of the highlights of this template is that it also serves as a calculator. The template will do all the math for you and the text will appear red if there is an outstanding balance. This makes is easy to see who is still on the hook for payment and who is not.

In addition, the invoice template free edition is designed so that you can sort out the information any way you wish. For example, you can sort the columns by highest-to-lowest, lowest-to-highest, alphabetically or by monies paid or owed.

Download: Free Invoice Template

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