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Moving Inventory List Free

The moving inventory list is an excellent tool for keeping home and office moves organized. The columns are completely customizable for every room in the house or office. In addition, there are separate areas available for keeping detailed notes. It is downloadable from this page and is absolutely free. Using the moving inventory list will make packing and unpacking a breeze.

How to Use the Moving Inventory List

  • For an office move, the corporate logo with the full name, address, phone number and e-mail address should be added to give the list a professional appearance.
  • Add fields at the top of the spreadsheet to include the name, phone number and contact information for the moving company.
  • Add columns that are unique to the home or office that is moving. Required fields, at a minimum, should include: a column for the room or area in the home or business the item being packed is from, a brief item description, make and model, serial or identification number, if applicable, date purchased and purchase cost. If you have taken pictures of expensive items, then you may want to include a column indicating if there is a photo of the item being listed.
  • A column indicating which box number the item is being packed in may be added. This will ensure that the item is easy to locate when you arrive at your destination.

Tips for Effectively Using the Moving Inventory List

  • Add a column indicating which room in the new home or office the item will be placed.
  • Multiple text boxes for note taking on specific items or rooms is especially helpful. For example, items that have been kept aside to move separately can be noted in these boxes
  • Include the address where the inventory is being relocated to, including full street address, phone number and contact information.
  • Add a column for checking off items as they are unpacked. This will be a significant help for determining if anything was lost or misplaced in the move

Having a detailed and organized moving inventory list will ease your mind when the details of a move seem to be overwhelming. It can be downloaded from this page, free of charge.

Download: Moving Inventory List

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