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Running a household can be a very long, complex and tedious business. That is why software engineers have designed so many programs to help people keep track of the most important items that they keep and use at home. One such program, to which this article is dedicated exclusively, is the Home Inventory Spreadsheet, and we shall teach you how to use it to your best advantage. You can get the home inventory spreadsheet absolutely free right here on this page.

How the Home Inventory Spreadsheet Works

The Home Inventory Spreadsheet is a Microsoft Excel template in which you can store information regarding each of your household assets. In the upper left-hand corner you enter your home address, and in the upper right corner you put in your all-important insurance information: the insurance company, the name of your agent, his or her phone number, the policy ID number and the estimated value of the policy.

The purchase information for each asset can also be included in Home Inventory Spreadsheet. From left to right, the columns in the spreadsheet contain the following information:

  • The room in which each asset is located
  • A specific description, e.g. Panasonic Viera 65″ TV
  • The date on which it was purchased
  • The store where it was purchased
  • The length of the warranty, if applicable
  • The price of the asset
  • The condition in which it was purchased, i.e. excellent, good, average or various
  • Its current estimated value
  • The model number
  • The serial number
  • Any miscellaneous notes that you might have, e.g. “bought to replace old one”
  • The hard-drive location of a photo of that asset

Whenever you buy a new TV, computer, sofa, stove, bed or other major item, enter it, along with all the relevant information, into your spreadsheet file. You will find Home Inventory Spreadsheet to be such an invaluable thing to have that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Download: Home Inventory Spreadsheet

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