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A Household Inventory is important in determining the value of your possessions in the event of loss or damages. Always update your inventory records if you make a purchase or no longer an own item. Always forward and updated copy of your Household Inventory to your insurance agency to insure proper coverage. By simply maintaining a Household Inventory of your possessions, you will be able to expedite the claims process if you experience a catastrophic event.

The Household Inventory template is an essential tool in every home. Best of all, this free, simple to use template offers customization and secure downloading. You can keep your document readily available for any updates you may need to perform.

How to Use the Household Inventory Template

Step One:
Use a notebook to create an inventory list for each room in your home. Organize information collected in each room on a separate piece of paper to avoid errors.
Televisions, appliances, beds, dressers, window coverings, pictures, sofas, table/chairs, shelves and items of this nature should be included in this schedule.

Step Two:
Following the same instructions as step one- create a categorized list of your high value belongings such as: Tools, Jewelry, Electronics, Collectibles/Antiques and Sports equipment.

It is important to record distinguishable traits and serial numbers for items in this schedule.
Example: Ring- Two carat total weight, yellow diamond, 14k white gold band, size 7, engraved initials on band.

Step Three:
Format the template header. Many people include their name, address and insurance policy number if applicable.

Step Four:
Format the data sections of your document according to the information you have collected. Next, enter all data collected in the document. The template can be customized to add/ subtract total values as your enter information.

Step Five:
Save a copy of your document into an easily accessible folder. Print or email a copy of your Household Inventory to your insurance agency.

Helpful Tips

  •   Video record or take pictures of your items.
  •   Keep original receipts, inventory notebook and any warranties in a safe place.

Download: Household Inventory

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