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Free Physical Exam Form

A physical exam form is something that doctor’s can use to list out information about their patient, and how the physical exam went. There is a special place for notes, and the entire form is customizable. It is very easy for doctor’s to use, and it is a free form that can downloaded from this page. Since this will benefit them in many ways, many doctors are using the form. It makes their job go smoother, and the information is stored inside the computer for later use.

About the Customizable Physical Exam Form Template

  • The template is free on this page.
  • People can customize the template for their own use.
  • It is downloadable on this page.
  • The template is very easy to use and can be managed completely.


Tips For Using the Microsoft Physical Exam Form Template

The physical exam form is very easy to use. It is important that a doctor have all the patient’s information handy so they can put it into the designated fields. After the doctor gives the patient their exam, they will be able to fill in the form. The form can be personalized for the patient.

  • Doctors can put in information about the physical exam.
  • Medications can be listed out.
  • Risk factors for the patient can be noted.
  • The doctor can place vital statistics for the patient in various spots on the form.
  • The template can be fitted for various paper sizes.
  • The doctor should take the time to print out the form, as well as save it in the computer.


Using the physical exam form will have many benefits for the doctor and the patient. They will be able to pull it up when it is needed. They can also change it when they need to, in order to give the patient the proper information, as well as to have it on file. Since the form includes many parts that are important, it should be filled out completely so that information can be checked out periodically.

Download: Physical Exam Form

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