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Free Sign In Sheet Template

The sign in sheet template is perfect for companies to use to keep track of employees that attend the meetings. The sign up sheets can also be used for other various reasons. Schools can use them to have parents sign in or sign out their children for the day. Doctor offices can use them to have their patients sign in to the office for their visit.

How to Use the Sign In Sheet Template

  • At the top of the sign in sheet template, you can put in the reason for the sheet. For example, you can place “Meeting Sign-In Sheet” at the top.
  • You can enter in the project name, the facilitator, meeting date, and the room or place the meeting is being held in.

Along the sign in sheet is the following:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email

Tips for Using the Sign In Sheet Template

  • Every company is different and may have different items they need from the individuals filling out the form. This is why the customizable option is great to have.
  • Doctor offices can put in the following as sections they may use: name, doctor seeing, appointment time, insurance name, and time arrived.
  • Schools may put in the following as sections they may use: student name, parent name, time arrived, time departing, reason for picking up child, and the teacher’s name.
  • Columns can be removed or added to allow individuals to provide more or less information.
  • The sheets are great to use to document the individuals that attended for that day and to hold as records.

The sign in sheet template is easy-to-use. The template is customizable to fit your needs. You can edit the template to ensure it has all the necessary information you need from your customers, employees, patients, or many other individuals. The sign in sheet template can be downloaded for free right off of this page. Be sure to get your template downloaded today.

Download: Sign In Sheet Template

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