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Blood Pressure


Having a blood pressure monitor at home is a good idea for any household. Everyone should check their blood pressure periodically. High blood pressure is known as the silent killer. Most people who have it do not have symptoms until complications develop and many people go for years with high blood pressure without knowing it or having it treated.

Untreated high blood pressure will eventually lead to serious health conditions, such as, peripheral artery disease, heart disease and kidney disease.

How to use a blood pressure monitor

For people with high blood pressure a home blood pressure monitor is essential for tracking blood pressure over time. Having a historical record of blood pressure readings can help a doctor determine if medication being prescribed is working effectively or not. If not the doctor will want to make changes to the medication until he or she finds the right ones to control the patients blood pressure. One reading in the doctors office when there is an appointment will not tell the doctor much, but a historical record will give the doctor valuable information.

The free excel template is a handy tool that anyone can use to record and track blood pressure readings for their doctor. It helps to know how you are doing over time because of the serious problems that can develop. People with high blood pressure are at higher risk of stroke, heart attack, developing diabetes and chronic kidney disease as well as peripheral artery disease (Hardening of the arteries). These conditions can shorten a persons life span considerably, or decrease the quality of life of the person suffering from them.

It is essential to have the proper long term care for high blood pressure and a home blood pressure monitor along with the free excel template are tools needed for this purpose. Taking readings and then recording them in the excel template will create a concise record of blood pressure over time that the doctor can use to determine the treatment needed so the patient can maintain good health.


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