Medical Bill Template

Free Medical Bill Template

Generating medical bills can be a complex and confusing process. Deciding what information to include and designing a layout that recipients can easily read and understand is difficult, especially for those unfamiliar with medical billing practices or the various programs used to generate highly formatted billing documents. Remove the guesswork with the Medical Bill Template for Microsoft Excel available on this site, that allows users to easily include client and business information, billing history, contact information, due dates and any other necessary information without worrying about layout or formatting concerns.

How to Use the Medical Bill Template for Microsoft Excel

  • First, download the free, customizable Medical Bill Template for Microsoft Excel from this page.
  • Second, input company information such as name and address for sending payments, and phone number or email for billing questions. Include the company logo for added professionalism and clarity. Save this personalized form as your template for generating future bills.
  • Third, fill in client information on the personalized template created in the second step each time you need to create a billing statement. Be careful not to save over your template so it is always ready to generate a new bill.

Tips for Using the Medical Bill Template for Microsoft Excel

  • Carefully proofread all information before printing or sending a bill. Medical bills often contain complex information as well as client names and billing amounts so it is important that the bill be accurate.
  • Save an additional blank copy of the personalized template somewhere separate on the network or on a disk in case the one used regularly is altered during use. Be sure to keep this copy up to date as well so a mistake with the original does not cost your company valuable time.
  • Save a copy of each bill generated, sorted by client name so you can quickly and easily resend bills, answer client questions, and maintain proper billing records.


Medical billing can be complex and stressful. Simplify the process by using the free, easy to use Medical Bill Template for Microsoft Excel to create clear, professional looking, easy to read billing statements for your business.

Download: Medical Bill Template

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