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Are you having trouble losing the weight you want, could you use a little extra help in reaching your ideal weight? Most people who try to lose weight could use a little extra help reaching their ideal weight, and at, you can get that extra help for free. At Excel Templates web site, you can find many spreadsheets to help you to lose or manage your weight.

The Ideal Weight Calculator spreadsheet is a perfect tool to help anyone to achieve their ideal weight, whether it is losing the weight you need, or gaining the weight you want. This and many more helpful spreadsheets can be downloaded here

The Ideal Weight Calculator Spreadsheet is a Perfect Tool to Help You Achieve the Weight You Want

This spreadsheet helps you to determine what your ideal body weight should be. By determining your BMI (Body Mass Index), you can know what the normal or acceptable weight range is for you. Whether you are male or female, this spreadsheet can determine your ideal body weight. By entering your height and weight in kilograms, in the appropriate columns, the spreadsheet then takes into account your body composition to determine your ideal weight in kilograms.

Not knowing your ideal body weight can have negative consequences. Whether you’re over your ideal weight, or grossly under it, your body can suffer if you don’t maintain the right weight for your age and body type.

This is where the Ideal Weight Calculator spreadsheet can help to discover your ideal body weight. There are other great free spreadsheets to be found at The Body Fat Percentage Calculator spreadsheet, the Body Mass Index Group Calculator spreadsheet, the Nutribar Weight Loss Tracker spreadsheet and the Basal Body Temperature Chart spreadsheet are all very useful spreadsheets that can help you maintain your ideal body weight.

These and many other helpful spreadsheets are available for free, and they can be found here


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