Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Body Fat Percentage Calculator


If you haven’t paid attention to the scale lately, you may be wondering whether or not you’ve gained a couple of pounds. More importantly, you may be wondering what your body fat percentage is. Body fat is defined as the total weight of a person’s fat divided by the person’s overall weight. Measuring your weight alone is not an indicator of body fat percentage. You can keep track of how much fat your body has with this body fat percentage calculator.

This Excel template is a body fat calculator that can be used to calculate your body fat percentage. Body fat calculation is not complicated, but you can simplify the steps needed to do a body fat calculation by using this body fat calculator. Once you have downloaded the body fat calculator Excel template, enter your body fat parameter measurement in the corresponding boxes inside the worksheet. Measurements for this body fat calculator are taken in pounds and inches. Based on the information you have inputted, your body fat calculation will return results in a corresponding range as listed in the worksheet.

You can download this body fat calculator for free. The goal of this body fat percentage calculator is to help you easily complete a body fat calculation, and ideally, keep track of your progress. If you are looking for similar Excel templates like this body fat calculator, you can browse our collection of free Excel spreadsheets and Excel templates. Our website features plenty of productivity, financial planning and other health-related Excel templates.

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