Health Tracker Sheet

Health Tracker Sheet

Keeping track of certain elements of your general health is a great idea, regardless of your current healthiness. There are a variety of different factors that contribute to a person’s health, especially genetics. By tracking your health, not only do you give your doctor powerful tools to help diagnose your issues, but you’re also starting a family history that your children and their children can use further down the line. This free template just provides you with a space to keep track of it all on one convenient page. If you’re ready to get started tracking your health, then continue reading the guide below.

Using the Health Tracker Sheet

You will start by downloading the free template file directly to your computer. To do this, just follow the link that we have provided below.

Take the time to fill out the top section of the document, entering your name, information, and contact numbers that may come in handy if you become seriously ill.

The next few sections of the Health Tracker Sheet help you organize different health problems that you may be experiencing. However, you can easily change any of these by clicking the cell you want to change and typing something new to replace it.

Start in the first table and list the date, description, and the start date you experience any chronic health issues. You will do the same for the rest of the tables as well.

Since the document is fully customizable, you can change any element to illnesses that are common for you and your family and even add columns within the tables to list preferred doctors for different health issues.

Using this free Health Tracker Sheet, you can easily track certain health problems that are common in your family and make sure you and your doctor can identify the problem before it’s too late.

Download: Health Tracker Sheet

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