Baby Growth Chart

Baby Growth Chart


There are a number of measurements during an infants growth from birth throughout infancy that provide memorable moments within the process. These moments can now be gathered and recorded by the utilization of a baby growth chart, which are made available for download in Excel format.

These measurements serve not only to mark growth accomplishments alone, but to predict the future of an infant’s healthy growth patterns as well.

In order for medical professionals to make proper assessments and evaluations of an infant’s progress, these measurements must be made. Using the downloadable baby growth chart to collect these measurements yourself provides new parents with the knowledge of progress in between visits, assuring a constant assessment of these factors that can determine proper health advancements for the duration of infancy as well.

With many different other options for baby growth chart downloads on the internet, one should note that this one provides parents with essential tools needed for mapping out information into an Excel chart for organized keeping of records and data in spreadsheet format. Parents should also note that this collection is specifically designed to measure male babies particularly.

This spreadsheet includes measurements of date, day, month, weight, height, and their percentiles as well. A reference is also included that takes an overall assessment of the measurements being entered to provide percentiles for comparison purposes as well.

Conversion boxes aid parents using multiple measuring indexes for results in either format. This includes centimeters, inches, pounds and kilograms. In addition, there are definitions and hints for each percentile meaning based off of the data collected and entered by the parent.

This collection of baby growth pattern measurements provides an in-depth tracking of the process along the way in an easy-to-understand format for any parent’s use over the next few years during infancy.


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