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Free halloween party invitations

Halloween is one of the biggest party celebrations of the year. Chances are, any party “spook-tacular” will include huge numbers of guests and passers-by enjoying the favors or trick-or-treating. Guaranteeing that your party will be the hit of the neighborhood will require a large number of Halloween party invitations. With this template, you can maximize your guest roster and minimize the preparation effort.

Halloween Party Invitations Should Showcase the Spirit of the Occasion

This particular holiday invitation template is unusual in that it offers an extremely poignant graphic without the hassle of paying for user permission. This template is completely free and easy to use no matter what information you wish to include on them. All text and colors on this free template are completely customizable and available for immediate download. From this easy to navigate page, a professional looking invitation template is available for free and can be customized to communicate all the information you need to plan your Halloween party. Two identical invitations per page means less expense and double the exposure for your get together.

With Halloween party invitations, the key is efficiency. These Halloween party invitations feature a pair of glowing cat eyes off-setting the text of your choice. Two separate text fields, one bold and one detailed can be inlayed in the font and color of your choice. These are large invitations measuring 6” x 4” and printed two on each page. One major hint to creating authentic and professional invitations using this template is to choose a color scheme which pairs text with the “cat’s eyes.” Most people want to include black, silver, gray or some other hue for the invitation’s background.

Be sure to make the text and eye characters bold with a choice of neon or any color that takes attention from the background. This template works best with the installation of Active X Control for Microsoft graphics and can be printed on regular sheets or heavy duty card stock. This template is your ticket to easy distribution of Halloween party invitations and planning the Halloween party of the century!

Download: Halloween Party Invitations

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