Football Party Invitations

Free Football Party Invitations

Wanting to gathering friends around to watch the big game is natural. The actual organization of this event can be a bit more stressful for the host. Creating the football party invitations does not have to be. The use of a template for the invitations can quickly smooth the way for both host and guest.

How to Use the Football Party Invitations Template

  • First, download the American Football party invitations template and adjust the saying for the specific game. While it is most common to throw a party for the biggest games such as a championship game, your party can also be for a regular game. Be sure to note the appropriate game on the template.
  • Second, create your guest list. This template is one invitation per sheet. Count your guests and print off that many invitations.
  • Third, this template is primarily the front of the invitation. Remember to include the party details on the other side either by hand or through the use of another template. In the party details, remember to include the time and place of the party, especially if the party is in celebration of a regular season game.

Tips on Using the Football Party Invitations Template

  • First, as noted earlier, this invitation template is primarily for a big game party for American football. This template could be appropriate for soccer or other sports with a change of graphic.
  • Second, this invitation can also be used for the birthday of a big football fanatic as well. All one would need to do is change the text to a birthday greeting.
  • Third, remember to send out the invitations early enough that the guests have a chance to respond. Allowing them this chance helps the host to be prepared for the correct number of guests.


Celebrating the big game or even the little stepping stones along the way is a fun thing to do. However, remembering all the organizational details for the party is not so fun. The use of the free football party invitations template can help host and guest remember those bits and pieces quickly and easily.

Download: Football Party Invitations

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