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Organizing an event with dozens of people can quickly become a disorganized mess. This is especially true when you are forced to have individuals sign up for the event. Standard pieces of paper just don’t offer the same continuity of a pre-made sign up sheet. The sign up sheet template can help you get the paperwork you need in absolutely no time at all. The template featured on this site can be downloaded instantly for free and there are no restrictions on the amount of sign up sheets you can print off.

Using the Sign Up Sheet Template

The sign up sheet template simply could not be any easier to use. The template is broken down into six easy-to-use columns. The first column is reserved for the job or activity the person or persons will perform. The next column is reserved for the name of the person or persons signing up.

Sign Up Sheets Templates

Participants will then be asked to write in their address in the space next to the name column. The next space is reserved for the phone number of the person or persons who have signed up. The penultimate column reserved for the email address or addresses of those who will be involved. Finally, the last section is reserved for any notes that need to be made by any party involved in the event.

These sheets are perfect for a litany of activities. You can compile a list of volunteers for a charitable cause. You can get a group together for a work event, party or other type of function. The sheet could also be used if you are planning on setting up a recreational sports team or league.

There is enough space for over 20 people to sign the sheet, but this can also be expanded. Since it’s an Excel template, the entire sheet can be customized to your liking. If the sheet is for a charitable foundation or a workplace, you can add logos and colors for an added sense of professionalism and style. Make organizing your next event pain free with this incredible complimentary template.

Download: Sign Up Sheet Template

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