Job Estimate Template

Free Job Estimate Template

In businesses such as plumbing, electrical, home remodeling as well as others – customers that have an interest in acquiring services will first call for an estimate to find out what it will cost them to have a job done. Having handy forms filled out with the details of the job and the estimated costs to give to a customer can help them decide if they will hire your company.

By using the job estimate template anyone can quickly create a professional looking form. The template has the necessary information to jot down details for a job estimate. It is easy-to-use, customize, and available for immediate download free on this page. Compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.

How to Use the Job Estimate Template

  • Download and save the job estimate template to a specified folder on your computer or the desktop for quick access.
  • Once you have downloaded the file – find it and open it to start the editing process.
  • There are several areas of the form you can easily edit. In the business name area enter the information for your company.
  • In the ‘to’ area the customer name, address and phone number can be entered when ready to give an estimate.
  • For the ‘job description’ box enter the details of the job the customer is requesting.
  • In the box titled ‘itemized estimate time and materials’ enter the materials that will be used for the job and the labor description. On the right side of that is a column to enter the costs of each item, and the bottom sums the total.

Tips for Using the Job Estimate Template

  • Since the job estimate template can be used numerous times and copies can be printed as needed – you can edit the information and save the file to your computer to send by email to your customer for their reference. This is a good idea when the customer has called your office for an estimate and would like a copy of it to look over.
  • An additional line can be entered offering a discount to the customer if they decide to choose your company for the job. You can enter a time limit for them to act quicker.

Having an easy-to-use job estimate template is a great way to present a professional image. The template can be customized to your business needs, and the customer will have it for easy reference should they decide to hire your company for the job.

Download: Job Estimate Template

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