Owner Financing Estimator

Owner Financing Estimator


Selling a property can be one of the most significant things you do in your lifetime. When looking to sell a property you can use one option that may make things a littler easier. This option is known as seller financing. When selling the home through owner financing you will have the means to sell the home on your terms.

This means that you can make a mortgage agreement with the buyer directly and avoid using a lender. Using owner financing can make things easier for you but you still need to make sure that this is a financial decision that will be beneficial to you. Fortunately you can use a template on Excel to find out if this is the right financing arrangement for you and your needs.

Those who use an Excel template to estimate owner financing will benefit by going over this arrangement for a personal home residence. There are times when some sellers will offer owner financing to people who are looking to purchase their home.

By using owner financing a home residence a seller can make it easier for people to buy a home and avoid using a lender. On the Excel template you will go over things such as the interest rate, the monthly payment and also the amount put down. This information will allow you to decide on whether you should finance a home sale as the owner.

Another kind of property you can use owner financing for is a rental property. Whether this is a home, a duplex, or an apartment complex, it is a good idea to consider owner financing for this property. As a result you will also benefit by using the Excel template.

On the Excel template you will go over similar information as the single family personal home residence. This will include evaluating the monthly payment, the interest rate and also the down payment. The template will allow you to estimate and determine what to charge to buyers in order to best benefit your financial situation.


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