Family Gift Sheet

Are you tired of overly complicated gift list apps and spreadsheets that overwhelm you with options and unnecessary features? They only thing that is hard to keep track of is multiple gifts. The Family Gift Sheet cuts out all the nonsense for the holiday season by giving you exactly what you need; this Family List template only requires a few pieces of key information, so you can be ready for the holidays! The holidays can be stressful enough, without all the items and information included on most modern gift lists. Save some time and money this year by downloading the absolutely free Family Gift Sheet!

Family Gift Sheet Instructions

Start by downloading the Family Gift Sheet file, located at the bottom of your screen. All you need to do is click on the link provided, and the Gift List will automatically begin downloading to your computer.

The first step is to enter the names of your gift recipients in the “Name” column to the far left of your screen. There are plenty of spaces provided, so you can keep track of multiple gifts for your loved ones!

Next you will enter your gift idea, in the “Gift” column. The gift idea will go next to the name of the person it’s intended for; this will make organization much easier later on.
After you have completed listing all of your gift ideas, take some time to do a little internet research. You can save time and gas money by either buying your gift online or finding the closest store that carries that item. Once you have the store location, list the address under the “Store” column.

You internet research will also come in handy when filling out the “Price” column. The website where you found your gift should list the price as well; this section is where you will enter that amount.

The final two columns are simple and straightforward. Under the “Bought” column, simply write “Yes” or “No” to indicate is you have purchased the item. In the “Wrapped” column, you will do the same to indicate if your gift has been wrapped. When all the columns are filled out and say “yes” in these last two columns, you’ll know all your holiday shopping is complete.

Simple and to the point, this Gift Sheet has everything you need to save time and money on your holiday shopping this year!

Make a holiday gift list quickly and efficiently with this family shopping list!

Download: Family Gift Sheet

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