Christmas Gift List

The holidays are coming up and we know you’ve got a lot of shopping to do. Stay organized and on top of your holiday shopping plans with this convenient Christmas gift list. This Christmas list template is free to download for Microsoft Excel.

We’ve gone ahead and color-coded this Christmas gift list to make your shopping more fun. Once you’ve downloaded the Christmas gift template, you can edit it according to your needs. We’ve thrown in mom and dad at the top of your Christmas gift list, but you can change it to your specific needs. If you want to create a separate Christmas gift list for family and friends, just reuse the Christmas list template and save separate files.

The Christmas gift template has convenient columns for gift ideas, store name or website (if you’re doing online shopping), price, yes or no purchased and wrapped columns, and shipping (if you need it).

We designed this Christmas gift template to be simple and easy to use, and we’ve made it fun with the traditional green and red colors for the holiday season. You can download this Christmas gift list for free and make multiple copies of your Christmas gift list as needed. The Christmas gift list is also printable. Use print preview to view the Christmas gift list before printing. For more fun and helpful  holiday templates like this Christmas gift template, check out the related Excel templates below or browse our huge library of free Excel templates and free Excel spreadsheets.

Download Christmas Gift List

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