Family Holiday Shopping List

Keeping track of all your holiday spending is now made easy with the Family Holiday Shopping List! This template was designed to help you organize and monitor your holiday shopping and list all the gifts you need to buy people for the holidays! The Shopping List is intuitive and easy to use; simply fill out the information given and you’ll have everything you need to take back the holiday season. No one wants to spend their holiday stuck in line at the mall, and the solution is great organization, use this free Shopping List to make your holiday season one to remember!

How to Use the Family Holiday Shopping List

The first step to use this amazing document is to click the link provided at the bottom of this page. Doing this will automatically begin downloading the file to your computer!

Once open, you can instantly see how easy the template is to customize to your every need. Enter the names of all the people you plan on buying a gift for this year under the “Name” column”. Once this is complete, continue to the “Gift Idea” Column”.

Under “Gift Idea”, just think of the gift you want to buy your recipients, remember to take your time when selecting, and write that item next to the person’s name.

The last three columns help you identify the gift before and after wrapping it, so you don’t have to ruin or waste your wrapping paper. Under the column marked “Color”, simply enter the color of your wrapping paper used for that item. In the “Size” column, create your own size chart (Small, Medium, and Large) to evaluate the size of the gift.

The “Location” column is also helpful for minimizing your shopping time. Simply write the name of the store in this section, and you’ll save time when you actually head out to buy the gift because you’ll know exactly where it is!

Finally, when all this information is entered and complete, simply click the box under the “Done?” column and it will automatically create a check-mark to verify that your shopping is finished!

Have a stress-free holiday this year by using this convenient shopping list!

Create your own Holiday Shopping List this year for free!

Download:  Family Holiday Shopping List

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