Cruise Planning Spreadsheet

cruise planning spreadsheet

cruise planning spreadsheetA cruise is a fun adventure, but it takes more than showing up to have a great cruise experience! Use this cruise planning spreadsheet to make planning your trip easy and successful. This spreadsheet functions as a budget-maker and a checklist.

Make sure you’re taking the correct steps to assure your cruise is experience is ideal. Know how far ahead to book your cruise, when prices are lowest, and which cruises are available at different times of the year.

Cruising also entails traveling to and from the dock, so we’ll help you plan for a hotel, as well as ground and air transport to your port city. We’ll also help you leave a detailed itinerary for family and friends in case of emergency.

This is also an easy way to keep track of your travel agent’s information. All of your reservation numbers and confirmation numbers will be in one place — on this spreadsheet. No need to fumble around or carry multiple print outs from varying travel sites.

Also keep your insurance information on here for ease. Don’t know which documentation and paperwork you’ll need? We will make sure you can tell your passport from your drink pass, and that will help you get through customs in the least amount of time. Budgeting for the cruise is important, but planning for shopping, shore trips, entertainment, and souvenirs is something not every cruiser thinks about.

That’s how our spreadsheet can help you! We also don’t forget about tipping your cruise staff. Using our spreadsheet will help you set a budget and stay in budget. Cruise wardrobes differ according to which line you are cruising on and which area of the world you are cruising in. Packing the perfect and appropriate outfits will be easy with our cruise planning spreadsheet. Have fun cruising!

Download: cruise-planning-spreadsheet

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