Marketing Strategy Template

The Marketing Strategy Template

Even the smallest business needs some kind of marketing strategy. After working hard on one, you will need a way to communicate the details of your marketing strategy to your colleagues, employees and clients. The Marketing Strategy Template can be used to create a PowerPoint slideshow that will present your marketing strategy in an organized way.

How to Use the Marketing Strategy Template

  • Download the Marketing Strategy Template from this website for free.
  • Open the template document in Microsoft Word and save it with the name of your project or another file name that you can retrieve easily.
  • Click and fill in the fields available with information about your project. The template is customizable for your needs.


Tips for Using the Marketing Strategy Template

  • The Marketing Strategy Template will create a slideshow that will present a standard marketing strategy and contains seventeen slide templates, each designed for seventeen parts of a marketing strategy presentation.
  • Each slide template includes fields with sample text which can be clicked and changed.
  • Some slides include graphs. These can be changed, deleted or relabeled to reflect the details of your own marketing strategy. The elements of each graph can also be clicked on and changed or deleted.
  • You can also customize the presentation’s fonts, graphics and colors to suit your brand.
  • The Marketing Strategy Template is designed to touch on all the parts of a standard marketing plan, but you can also delete or add slides to suit your own project. For instance, if you wish to be the main focus of your audience during sections of your presentation, you may consider adding blank or black slides to the PowerPoint document, so that your audience will focus its attention on you in between informational slides.
  • You may also consider printing out the completed presentation as a document and handing it out to your clients, colleagues or employees, so that they have something to reference after you have talked them through the marketing strategy.


Even the simple act of populating the fields of this template with the particulars of your own marketing plan may help clarify some of your plan’s details. And one final advantage to using the template: should changes in the marketplace result in the need to adjust your marketing strategy, you will be able to change your presentation quickly and easily.

Download: Marketing Strategy Template

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