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Free Grant Proposal Template

In the current state of the economy, getting a grant can be a truly daunting task. However, with a compelling idea and a brilliantly designed proposal the likelihood of being granted a desired sum of money greatly increases. Consider using this grant proposal template as a creative way to display adequate information regarding your proposal which will make it nearly impossible for financial backers to turn down.

This grant proposal template provides a slide for each of the following all-important areas: introduction to the project, objectives, beneficial results, estimated timetable for the project, proposed budget, necessary staff, method of evaluation, and possible endorsements. It is fully customizable as well, which makes it a great fit for every grant proposal.

How to Use the Grant Proposal Template

  1. To begin with, download this free template right from the website to being adding in all the details regarding the particular grant proposal.
  2. Next, insert the relevant details such as the timetable, proposed budget, necessary staff, and method of evaluation. It is important to be very thorough with this step so that all the important information is included in the PowerPoint presentation.
  3. As a third step, it is always helpful to have other involved in the grant review the presentation to add in any additional information or changes that they see fit.
  4. Next, customize the presentation however you would like it in terms of colors, fonts, sizes, order of slides, and much more.
  5. Finally, get ready to impress the financial backers with your exceptional grant proposal presentation.


Tips for Using the Grant Proposal Template

  • Include as much information as possible within your grant proposal template with a special focus on the benefits of the grant. Financial backers will be much more willing to assist if they can see the potential outcomes of the proposal.
  • When presenting the PowerPoint, it is helpful to include limited text on the slides and then elaborate with vocals. This is important so that those watching the presentation do not spend excessive time simply reading and instead connect to you as a person.
  • Another helpful tip is to use colors and images that relate to the project. For instance, if you are writing a grant for an environmental campaign then focus on the color green and include images of relevant plants, animals, or resources.
  • A final tip is to be prepared to answer any questions that the presenters might have when proposing your grant.


Download: Grant Proposal Template

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