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Project planning for legal firms can be complicated. It may also require many different aspects, expenses and organizations involved in the project. It is not only complicated, but time consuming and stressful to plan projects. This free law firm template takes the guess work out of planning projects, and has predetermined project perimeters, project details, and project financial totals already included. The template is easily customizable, and perimeters, details, and totals can be changed. It is available for easy and convenient downloading.

Getting Started and Customizing Law Firm Template

  • To begin customizing the template begin at line 2 of the excel document, and fill in the company name. On lines 3 and 4 fill in the purpose of the project, and any additional firms involved in co-planning, or sponsoring the project.
  • Begin customizing the project on line seven of the law firm template. Change any headlines to reflect the categories needed for the law firm’s financial planning for the project. Change information on lines 8-14 to financial forecasts for percentage of project, and actual financial figures on line 14.
  • Next, begin customizing the pie charts. Headlines and other information inside the charts can be changed by clicking on the headline and descriptors. Amounts on the charts are changed by changing and inputting information in the project costs and project details sections.

Changing Project Details and Project Costs

  • Customize the costs and hours of the law firm template project by clicking on the project details and project totals on the tab at the bottom of the screen. Customize details by inputting project names and project type, and all other information pertinent to the project.
  • After inputting the project details click on project totals and customize costs related to the project. This information will be automatically imported into the pie chart on the front sheet.
  • After customizing the details and costs, additional sheets can be added into the law firm template. To include additional sheets click on the page tab, next to the project totals and this creates a new blank sheet. The sheet can be used to plan for other financial concerns related to the project, such as profits and losses, or other financial information.

Download: Law Firm Template

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