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Planning for a long term project can be a tedious and difficult task without the right tools. Fortunately, if you are starting from scratch there is a quick and easy template available that will make it quite a bit easier to get started. This project planner is easy to use and will help you get started with even the most complex projects. There’s no reason to waste your time creating one from scratch when this template can already do everything you need.

The project planner template is a free template that will most likely be able to do every single thing you could possibly ask for it. The entire template is very self-explanatory, incredibly easy to use, and it really will save you a ton of time with planning your next project.

Perhaps the most appealing part of the Microsoft project planner is that it is completely customizable in Excel so if you want to add or remove features it only takes a few seconds.

Using the Project Planner

Using the project planner is pretty simple, although it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Basically you just need to input whatever planning information you have available on the “project planning” tab in Excel. From there you can add additional details for the project throughout the various other tabs and

Excel will constantly be updating the projections and cost analysis information from any new information you provide. This project planner template is also setup to track the project from beginning to end so that you can monitor the progress and make it easier to plan future projects that may be somewhat similar.

Project planning is a difficult and time consuming part of business but thanks to this project planner you can save at least a little bit of time. As with all planning tools it is only as good as the information you provide so make sure to include as much information as possible.

This planner template is a very strong tool that could save your company significant amounts of money so why not give it a try on your next project to see how well it works?

Download: Project Planner

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