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Landscaping Budget Template | Landscaping on a Budget

Curb appeal has become the new buzzword when it comes to buying or selling a home. The beautification process of creating a perfectly manicured yard extends beyond individual homeowners into the world of commercial property. Planting trees and shrubs, creating a stone pathway, or digging a pond can all significantly increase the usability and value of any property. These tasks can also be relatively time consuming and somewhat expensive, so people planning a backyard makeover should utilize a landscaping budget template to help curb unnecessary costs.

Using a Landscaping Budget Template

A free tool is available for download on this page and can greatly improve the process of examining expenses related to personal or commercial landscaping efforts. Since gardening and landscaping products will vary from one year to the next, estimating prices for plants can be somewhat difficult until the growing season begins. The easy-to-use landscaping budget template makes it simple to differentiate between the budgeted amount and the actual cost of various plants.

This information allows users to tell at a glance whether their estimates were accurate and whether any changes need to be made throughout the season to cut costs and stay within the overall budget. Keeping a landscaping budget template for several seasons in a row is also helpful for growers because they can predict price increases more accurately and choose different plants or pass some of the surcharge along to customers if necessary. Tracking cost information is good business sense and made easy by this free template.

Harvesting a Profit with the Landscaping Budget Template

Whether individuals are planning a personal garden or planting shrubs for an office park, they are expecting some type of reward. The overall harvest yielded is often a direct reflection of the planting and sowing process. In order to ensure a sound investment and reasonable profit, users can plug specific information into the landscaping budget template and make accurate predictions. Some basic data may include:

  • Types of plants to be used
  • Cost per plant and extended price
  • Description or placement of plants

Download: Landscaping Budget Template

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