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The free Forecasting Template

Forecasting is an important aspect of management and is a key element that contributes to the overall success of your business. It enables you to understand what will be your financial position not only in the short run but also over the next few years. Getting your forecast right can ensure great rewards for your company but if you get it wrong, it can lead to expensive errors. A well thought out financial forecasting template can help you develop innovative strategies and make the right decisions.

With every company having its own unique business requirements, it is important that they get reflected properly. The Microsoft Office Template can help companies create the necessary documentation efficiently so that it can be presented in a professional manner.

How to Use the Forecasting Template

Forecasting on the likely business for a targeted period is based on two aspects, facts and assumptions. Since assumptions have to be made, it can take some time to gather the relevant information. However, it is important that you spend this time to get your forecast right. The fundamentals of your plan may be perfect. For instance you may have the information about what your current inventory levels are and when they are going to be shipped but beyond that if you want to make projections, it will take some guesswork. Your company’s customizable document should contain information about:

  • The cash requirements of your company in the next one year
  • The expected profit for the targeted period
  • The resources you need for achieving the business objectives
  • The Projected Revenue
  • Cash Flow
  • Anticipated Costs
  • Estimated Assets and Liabilities position


Tips for Using the Forecasting Template

The Forecasting Template will only ask you to fill up the relevant information but to do that you should know the answers. To arrive at the right decisions, there are a few things that you should do:

  • Make sure that the information filled in the forecasting template is based on your company’s actual business track record.
  • Ensure that sharp upward curve in revenue generation is based on market dynamics
  • Once your forecast document is ready, it should be reviewed periodically so that you may take corrective measures based on your company objectives
  • Update regularly so that you can review and assess your past projections and determine whether you were on track or not so that it will enable you to improve your forecasting abilities.


Finally make sure that your forecasting template comprises of the right observations and relevant addendum’s so that it can be easily understood.

Download: Forecasting Template

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