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Free Daily Cash Sheet

A cash sheet that you fill out daily will play a big part in helping make sure that all the cash that your business earns is accounted for. If you are not using a daily cash sheet, then you may not be alerted to shortages or overages in your daily deposits. You can download the daily cash sheet for free on this page. Click the download link to get started.

What Can a Daily Cash Sheet Do For Your Business?

Not only will filling out a cash sheet everyday alert you to things like theft, it will also help you keep track of business expenses that are paid for out of store cash. While it is a wise decision for any business to keep a daily sheet tracking their cash, it is especially important for new businesses.

Most new businesses fail within the first five years, and if you don’t want yours to be one of them it is extremely important that you keep track of every penny that is coming in and going out of your drawer. Keeping accurate records of your cash-flow is going to give you a better insight into what is or isn’t working for your business.

For example if you decide to change pricing or run a promotion to draw in more customers, when its done you can check your cash sheets from before against the ones during the promotion. This will let you know exactly how much addition business your change brought in.

Why Should You Use An Excel Based Daily Cash Sheet?

Excel based cash sheets help reduce the chance of human error when calculating the numbers on your sheet. Excel sheets are programed to do all the math for you when you enter the cash information into the correct fields. As long as you enter the information into the right spot the form will do all the math for you automatically.

Download: Daily Cash Sheet

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