12 Month Sales Forecast

12 Month Sales Forecast

Do you need a reliable sales forecast template for your business? You can use a sales forecast template to manage your sales forecasts. The sales forecast is a fundamental part of a business plan. ‘Forecast’ is indicative of predicting or planning, thus, a sales forecast is used for forecasting future sales.

Using the 12 Month Sales Forecast Template

A sales forecast is used to track cash flow, profits and losses for a business. A sales forecast template will allow you to directly input figures into a neatly organized chart, allowing you to assess any potential trends in future performance. Generally, a sales forecast will allow you to project sales for a 12 month time period.

You can also think of a sales forecast as a navigation tool to steer your company in the ‘right’ direction. Accuracy will be the most important factor in managing your sales forecast template, letting you plan for the future as precisely as possible. Download this 12 month sales forecast here.

In order to start a business, you need a business plan, and a good business plan is built around a sales forecast as the focal point. Managing daily business operations and preparing for future business operations are the gist of a sales forecast. This sales forecast will be the measuring tool for assessing your company’s growth and development.

Sales forecasts are not meant to be tricky. As your company grows, the hardest part will be maintaining your sales forecasts and keeping an accurate record of past sales forecasts. This is where a sales report template comes in handy. With a sales forecast template such as the one we have provided to you for free, you can build and maintain straightforward sales forecasts to retain in your company files.

Another important thing to remember when planning your sales forecasts is to be as realistic as possible. In addition to accounting for actual sales and losses, there will be external factors that you must also take into consideration including price changes in raw materials and competition from other businesses.

Download our free sales forecast template for your business today. This sales forecast template was designed for easy and organized tracking of your sales. This sales forecast template is also intended to be a 12 month sales forecast. You can access this sales forecast template from our website along with a plethora of other free Excel templates. Be sure to browse our free Excel template library for more useful financial and business Excel templates like this free sales forecast template.

Download: 12 Month Sales Forecast

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