Performance Self-Evaluation Template

Self-Evaluations are one of the best tools for finding the strengths and weaknesses of an employee. This information is used for helping them understand their weaknesses and eventually improving them. The Performance Self-Evaluation Template is a free and easy tool that guides employers toward the right questions to ask. The template also structures these questions in a way that is not time-consuming, so you and your employee can quickly return to the task at hand!

Performance Self-Evaluation Template

Download the free file below to get started. Once you have the document open you can see how fast and simple the template will make the whole process. Just enter or write the employee’s name then the date and you’ll be ready to print the document.

You can also customize this template if you have more specific questions in mind. Click on any of the cells with pre-written text and start typing in your statements. You can even increase the number of questions for a more in-depth questionnaire!

The template provides a list of five example statements an employee can comment on. If you don’t have ideas for new questions to ask, these statements will give you an overall feel of what your employee thinks of their performance.

Once you have finished editing the document to your exact specifications then you can click the “File” tab at the top of the page and select “Print”. Now just hand the sheet to your employee and have them fill it out!

Why Use the Performance Self-Evaluation Template?

Gaining insight into your employee’s thoughts on their own performance is a great way to help them improve in any needed areas. This template already comes stocked with great statements to present to your employees. The Self-Evaluation sheet was designed to be a quick and efficient way for you to use the information gathered to improve your employees and your organization overall.

Download: Performance Self-Evaluation Template

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