Employee Performance Review

Employee Performance Review Form

For a business to be successful, it must have good employees. These employees must not only know their job but also understand the requirements of their employer. A simple way to be sure that they are filling these obligations is to use an Employee Performance Review Template. This template will allow you to accurately assess your employees and assure that they are capable and performing to the best of their ability.

Benefits of the Employee Performance Template

An Employee Performance Review Template is an easy way to keep track of each employee’s accomplishments. It is customized to fit your particular needs, consists of one page, and is available free of charge. Whether you are a large company or a small one, being able to guide each employee’s performance will save both time and money. This is especially true when people are hired on a probationary basis.

Tips for Using the Employee Performance Review Template

  • Contact the website and fill out the template requirements.
  • Download the designed Employee Performance Review Template free of charge.
  • Once the template is received, make copies for the employee and the file.

You will fill in goals and objectives of his or her particular job, to be reviewed at time of review such as:

  1. Having a knowledge of work required
  2. Attaining quality in work performed
  3. Being able to follow through on special assignments
  4. Developing responsible use of time

The employee will list of their accomplishments, achievements and responsibilities.

  1. May include off the job achievements if it relates to the job
  2. What they feel their responsibility is on the job.
  3. What they have accomplished related to the job

This template includes an Employee Evaluation, Strengths and Areas for Development, a Career Development Plan and Goals and Objectives for Next Evaluation Period. Using this kind of a form helps the employee develop their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and better understand what is expected of them. Using the form generated by an Employee Performance Review Template allows a business manager or owner to develop a competent team by guiding employees to a mutual goal.

Download: Employee Performance Review

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