Employee Evaluation Template

Free Employee Evaluation Template

The main goal of every business is to hire a staff of competent employees. This is the way to lead a company to success. Employee evaluations usually discover hidden talent in the company. The evaluation process will separate the cream of the crop from those who are not performing adequately. An employee evaluation template will simplify the entire process.

The employee evaluation template is fully customizable to represent the employee and the employing company. The template is a fast and very efficient method to estimate an employee’s performance with the company and on the job.

How to Use the Employee Evaluation Template

  • First, it is important to customize the employee evaluation template properly. Fill in the name of the employee, the department that they work in, their supervisor, rank, date of assessment.
  • Second, set up the additional fields that will be needed to make a full assessment of the employee. Further breakdowns can be easily added later on, if there is a need.
  • Third, set up important fields for customized information that pertains directly to the employee. For example, their rank or role in the company.

Tips for Using the Employer Evaluation Template

  • First, it is important to remember that this might be the only written evaluation of the employee. Add any extra information that might be relevant to their standing within the company. Add something that is impressive or positive.
  • Second, look at all information compiled about the employee and their work ethic. Select something that is relevant that is spotted in the record. For example, an outstanding skill or outstanding performance that might further define who they are and what they have accomplished.
  • Third, make sure that the information is backed up in several ways. Save a file to computers. Print out hard copies and place in physical file. Store data on a disk. Back up to cloud storage.

It is important for all companies that hire a staff to keep records on their employee’s performance on the job. Use this free to download and fully customizable Employee Evaluation Template to streamline the process.

Download: Employee Evaluation Template

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