Wedding Planner Summary

If you want to have the wedding of your dreams then it’s time to buckle down and start planning on how you want to budget your money. The best way to plan out your wedding is to keep track of all the details of your special day in one location. While wedding planners can be great, they can also be costly and by the time they finish you will most likely feel that you could have done a better job anyway. So why go through all the hassle?

The Wedding Planner Summary allows you to list out all the major expenses for your wedding so you can easily allocate one aspect of your ceremony to another to really get the effect you’ve been dreaming for years.

How to Use the Wedding Planner Summary

The wedding template is set up as three separate tabs that contain a summary of your entire budget and two other templates that breakdown the cost of your major expenses.

Start in any one of the item tabs that allows you to enter the major expenses, such as the “Apparel-Reception-Music-Pics” tab. Here you can enter your expenses for each one of these categories.

You can also change any of the categories or items within the tables of those categories by clicking on the desired cell and typing something new.
Each table will calculate the difference between your budget for that item and the actual amount you’ve spent.

When you have completed one tab, you will simply move on to the next. Once you have gone through and entered all this data, you will go back to the “Wedding Budget” tab to receive a complete summary of all the items you have listed.

The summary page of the document gives you a convenient pie chart that displays the percentage of each category compared with your total budget. Using this information, you will know exactly where your money is going.

By using this simple template you can easily direct your budget to all the right categories to have the perfect ceremony for your big day.

Download: Wedding Planner Summary

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