Thanksgiving Menu Template

Free Thanksgiving Menu Template

Thanksgiving is the perfect day to spend time with loved ones and to enjoy a perfect meal together. It’s the day of thanks and letting others know what you are thankful for. Having a Thanksgiving menu template is the perfect way to create a menu to provide to your guests for the holiday. The Thanksgiving menu template available is easy to use and free to download. The template can be customized to fit your style that you are wanting.

How to Use the Thanksgiving Menu Template

  • Once you have downloaded the template, it is time to start putting the menu on the template.
  • First, you are going to start with the appetizers. You can describe the appetizers or just give a list of what you will be serving.
  • The second item(s) on the menu are going to be the first course. For example, you could list a salad or soup that you may be providing.
  • Next, you will list the main course for the dinner.
  • Following the main course will be a list of all the sides that are included in the Thanksgiving meal.
  • Finally, desert will be listed at the bottom. Be sure to list all the yummy desserts that are available and you can provide a description of what they are made of, if you would like.
  • Once you have completed the menu, you will need to copy it and place it on the right side. This will allow you to print two menus at one time.

Tips on Using the Thanksgiving Menu Template

  • You can change the font of the menu to anything that you would like. This way it will fit your style that you like.
  • Another thing that you can change is the colors of the font. You can even bold the titles. For example, you can bold “Main Course” and “Appetizer”, as well as the rest of the titles.
  • There is also an option to change out the picture at the bottom of the menu to anything that you want to fit your Thanksgiving menu. You can even add additional photos if you would like.

The Thanksgiving menu template is a great way to show individuals that your hosting what you will be serving for the holiday. Get it free today!

Download: Thanksgiving Menu Template

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