Holiday Menu Template

Free Holiday Menu Template

Are you the owner of a bakery and want to advertise your holiday-themed food? Maybe you are having Christmas dinner and want to add some elegance and fun. What better way to do that than having a menu available for your guests or customers. The Holiday Menu Template can take the hassle and frustration out of where to begin. While still giving you the opportunities to make it your own.

How to Use the Holiday Menu Template Word Document

Begin by downloading the free Holiday Menu Template from this page. Now you can start customizing it for your event. This is a straight forward and easy template to use. First, title the Holiday Menu Template to fit your affair, include the date and possibly the time. Next step is to list the dishes along with a short description of each. The description is to detail the method the food was prepared along with any special ingredients or garnishes. Lastly save the document, for future use, and print to have available for the festivities.

Tips for Using the Holiday Menu Template Word Document

  1. To make your Holiday Menu more personal change the style, color, and size of the font.
  2. When changing the font color make sure that is doesn’t fade or clash with the holiday background.
  3. Use the menu for your business is a great idea. Separate the food into the appropriate meal options such as holiday themed appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Also make sure to include the prices and any specials or discounts. Include your logo, business name, address, phone number, email and possibly any social media information to highlight your Holiday Menu.
  4. Make a legend of symbols to point out to customers certain dishes that contain nuts, diary / gluten free or vegan friendly.
  5. Show your appreciation for your clients or your party guests by placing a line of gratitude on the Holiday Menu Template. Try something festive to tie in with then theme.
  6. Instead of printing the menu, save it and send out to your guests, confirm that the menu is including their palates.
  7. Add a more personal touch include a picture.

Download: Holiday Menu Template

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