Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

Free Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

Thanksgiving recipe cards are a quick and convenient way to organize and preserve your special recipes for Thanksgiving meals and treats. The free, handy Microsoft Word template on this page will allow you to use these attractive Thanksgiving recipe cards for writing down your favorite recipes, and saving them in your own index card holder or index card book. This easy-to-use template will also let you quickly make copies of your special recipes to pass on to family and friends.

These recipe cards are attractively decorated with a Thanksgiving-themed motif of colorful, seasonal fruits and vegetables and autumn leaves. They are customizable, so you can change them to reflect your style and personality. Easily write out and print your special recipes and give them as valued gifts to friends and family.

How to Use the Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

  1. Download the free Thanksgiving Recipe Cards template install it into Microsoft Word.
  2. Open the template and enter your recipe name, the list of ingredients and instructions in the spaces provided.
  3. When you have finished, save the page of Thanksgiving Recipe Cards as a document. (e.g. Thanksgiving Cookie Recipes page 1.docx). This way you will have computer files of your favorite recipes to quickly print out fresh copies.
  4. Insert several sheets of Avery 5388 3 X 5 inch index cards in your printer. There are 3 cards on each sheet. Print the recipes.
  5. If you have more recipes to print, open the template again for each page of Thanksgiving Recipe Cards you need.

Tips for Using the Microsoft Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

  1. To enter your ingredients, place your cursor after the word ‘Ingredients’ beneath the recipe name and press the Enter/Return key. Add each ingredient on a separate line, pressing Enter/Return each time to create a new line.
  2. When you have completed the list of ingredients, place your cursor after the word ‘Instructions’ and press the Enter/Return key to create a new line. Write out the instructions for combining the ingredients. Create a new line and write out the instructions for cooking. If necessary repeat the step to add any other directions that are needed.
  3. If you run out of room (i.e. your cursor disappears and a red arrow appears) move to a new card.

Download: Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

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