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Free Holiday Stationery

The holidays are a wonderful time that can also be both stressful and expensive. They are a time to celebrate family and friends, which comes with the pressure; the pressure that each family member and friend must be shown appreciation. This Holiday Stationery template helps to relieve some of that pressure.

Showing appreciation or attention to every family member and friend doesn’t necessarily mean that each person needs a gift, but many people send out greeting cards and letters, letting everyone know how your past year has been. Purchasing holiday greeting cards and stationery can become expensive, especially when you have many people to purchase for. Holiday Stationery relieves some of that pressure because it saves time and money. It can be downloaded for free right from this page and it is easily customizable. Rather than spending the money on pre-made stationery, and rather than spending so much time hand writing each letter individually, you can make this free download and do it all with the click of a few buttons.

How To Use Holiday Stationery

  • Download the template for free. When you open it, it will automatically open in Microsoft Word.
  • The text and graphics are completely customizable. Click on the text to write your message, or click on the graphics to move them around or even change them.
  • Print your finished product.
  • Be sure to save your work in case you need to come back to it later to make changes or print more copies.

Rather than just sending a plain piece of paper or a plain card, this free to download Holiday Stationery template works with tri-fold brochure paper, meaning the letters are easily foldable and will then come to life. The basic graphic design of this template is so easy to work with for any recipient; once it is personalized to your liking, printed and folded, you are sure to be happy to send your letter along.

Holiday Stationery is not only easier to use, it also makes the holiday greeting card tradition easier on you and your budget. Once you have printed your finished stationary, all you have to do is mail it! No need to spend time choosing the best generic greeting cards and plain stationery from the store and then adding your own touch. Start from scratch with this template and have a customized, personal letter for all of your loved ones within minutes!

Download: Holiday Stationery

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