Christmas Shopping List

Christmas Shopping List


Here’s another great Christmas shopping list template to organizer your holiday shopping this year. This Christmas shopping list is provided by It’s one of many shopping list template designs that we feature on our website. Download this printable Christmas shopping list and start jotting down gift ideas for those special folks who’ve made it onto your shopping list. This Christmas shopping list is free to download and is best used when printed.

At the top of this Christmas shopping list, you can designate how what portion of your holiday budget will go to certain age groups. Because everyone’s shopping list for Christmas may vary a little, you can also edit these rows and create your own categories to better suit your Christmas shopping list. Remember, this shopping list template was designed to be easy to use and is customizable to your needs.

You can list each person’s name, the budget you have set for their gift, a description of the gift, and the amount you actually spent on the gift. The Christmas shopping list is set to group people by family names. Again, you can change this grouping to fit your needs. Total amounts will automatically populate once you have entered values in the budget and actual columns of the shopping list template.

Download this free printable Christmas shopping list from the link below. Tell all of your family and friends about this convenient, easy to use shopping list template. We also carry other useful Christmas shopping list templates for Excel. If you’re looking for regular shopping list templates in Excel, browse our library for more useful and fun free Excel spreadsheets.

Download Christmas Shopping List

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