Excel If Statement Example

Excel If Statement Example

Most people in the world do not like doing math. That is why Excel formulas exist. Our Excel If Statement Example will do math for you to show you:

  • If something is more than another thing
  • When something is doing better than other elements
  • Total amount of numbers

What is an Excel If Statement?

The “If Then” statement formula in Excel is simple: If x, then y. Replace x and y with what you need. For example: If Patty buys 5000 burgers (x), then she will owe $5000 (y). This is similar to cause and effect, except with more math and no variables.

Download our example to learn how to use the If statement in Excel

  1. Start by opening the download and you will have a list of 5 items, each with a predicted expense, and then an actual expense.
  2. In the “Status” bar, enter the formula: =IF(B9<C9,”Over Budget”,”Under Budget”)
  3. The Status bar will fill with “over budget” as it has determined that you are OVER your predicted expense.
  4. To summarize: IF you are over the C9 (actual expense) THEN you are over budget.
  5. You are finished.

How to alter the If statement to fit your needs

This process is more simple than it seems:

  • Change the cells (B9, C9) to fit whatever two cells you are trying to calculate.
  • Change the greater than / less than sign to fit your two cells.
  • Change “Over Budget” and “Under Budget” to fit the words words you need filled in.

Tips for Success: Spend some time in this example changing the parts mentioned above. Then, use a new worksheet to create your own experiment for If Then formulas. This will help you prevent any mistakes down the line when working with your own documents.

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