Creating Pivot Tables in Excel

Pivot excel Tables

With Excel’s Pivot Table function, you can easily rearrange and view large amounts of data in an organized fashion. Just follow the steps below to learn how to use Pivot Tables.

Download the Pivot Table example to get started

Start by clicking a cell.

Click the “Insert” tab on the ribbon and choose PivotTable.

Pivot tables in Excel

“Create PivotTable” dialog will appear. It will show the range of the pivot table that’s going to be created.

You can decide whether you want the PivotTable to be produced inside a new worksheet or the current sheet.  Press OK once you’ve decided.

Pivot Tables in Excel

The list of fields will display on the screen. Choose the following options:

Product Field to Row Labels

Amount to Values area.

Country to Report Filters.

Pivot tables in excel

Check out your new PivotTable! It should look like this:

Pivot tables in Excel

You now know how to use Excel’s Pivot Table function to manipulate data into easy to read fields.

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