Student Calendar Template

Student Calendar Template

You can download the free Student Calendar Template to keep track of your assignments and upcoming tests with ease. This free template has everything you need to start keeping track of the things that matter in school without having to worry if you forgot something. The template is structured like a simple calendar.

You have the monthly view in the corner and an hourly view for each day in the next column. When you want to see the details of your schedule for a particular day, you’ll just click on the cell and see what that day has in store. Give this template a try by downloading the free template file today.

To download and Use

When you’re ready to receive your Student Calendar Template file, just follow the link below.

Start by entering the current calendar year in column N2.

Start in the calendar at the top of the page and select your current date. You will then use the menus in the weekly and assignments sections and enter specifics for your schedule.

The template provides you with an example. They listed a paper due for their French class in the assignment section.

The main idea is to use the little calendar to the side to write your main category. For example, if you have a math test, enter the term “Math.” After entering the category, you can find the correct date in your weekly schedule and enter the details of that assignment.

Using the Student Calendar Template, you can quickly glance at your calendar and see what items are coming up in the month then check the details of those items when the date comes up.

This way, you will never lose track of your assignments and never be unprepared for a test.

Download: Student Calendar Template

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