2019 Weekly Calendar

The 2019 Weekly Calendar is a simple sheet that allows you to plan your year just the way you want it! You are in complete control with this calendar template. Just fill in any event/occasion you want, in the corresponding day, and the Weekly Calendar will save your event. There are no distracting add-ons or cumbersome features. This document was made to be simple and efficient to save you time and money. You’re a busy person and we know it. Stop wasting time on writing down dates or purchasing expensive apps to keep track of your schedule. Download this free calendar today and start spending your time achieving your goals for this year!

How to Use the 2019 Personal Weekly Calendar

To download the document directly to your computer, simply click the link provided at the bottom of this page!

The first step is to locate the current date. The Weekly Calendar is designed to list January to December in descending order. Just scroll down to find your current month.

When you want to enter an event or occasion into the document, simply click on your planned day and type something to help you remember that there is an event approaching. This can be a general name like “Gym” to remind you to lift weights or it can be more complex and detailed, it’s up to you.

For your convenience, Saturday and Sunday have been highlighted. This way, you can easily locate the day of the week you need then enter your information.

The calendar was designed with one goal in mind, efficiency. The calendar achieves this goal by giving you a simple and straightforward structure, allowing you to transition from entering the date of your important engagement to carrying on with your day. Finally, scheduling is made easy with the Weekly calendar template!

Best Features of the 2019 Weekly Calendar

  1. Simple design makes customization easy
  2. Includes your entire year’s schedule on one tab
  3. Auto updates to current year

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