Excel Photo Calendar

Calendars are an asset that every productive person uses. They help us keep track of appointments, bills, game nights, when the kids have soccer practice, and much more. Keeping all your important plans organized has never been more fun. Personalize your calendar with different colors and photos and make everyday fun with the Excel Photo Calendar.

How to Use the Excel Photo Calendar Template

Our photo calendar is very straightforward and simple to use. All the months and days are already filled in, so the rest of the customizing is up to you.  Each month has it’s own page and is pre-set with colors matching the season. Bring your creativity out by creating a color scheme of your own!

The main attraction of this calendar template is that each month has an area for a featured image. Don’t like the preset photo? Then add your own! It’s so easy to include a photo of your family, friends, or pets. Just right-click the image in the template and choose your favorite picture. Save it, print it, and show it off!

Make your year with the Excel Photo Calendar. Template courtesy of Microsoft.

Download: Photo-Calendar

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