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Have you ever wanted a calendar that is both informative and heartwarming? The Picture Calendar was designed to add a personal touch to the old method of calendar scheduling. The Picture calendar allows you to add personal photos of all your friends and family and makes them the centerpiece of each month. With a simple format, navigational arrows, and a design that’s aesthetically pleasing, you’ll love updating this calendar every year with photos that encapsulate the joy you experienced during the seasons. Start adding your memories to the wonderful Picture Calendar, download for free today!

How to Use the Picture Calendar

To download the free template, simply click the link located at the bottom of this page.

The design of the Picture Calendar was made to be simple and straightforward. Scrolling down the document, you’ll see the basic format of a paper calendar for each month. Also, every page perfectly fits a single month of the year.

At the top of your screen, there is a set of navigational arrows next to the year. To select a different year, simply press the up or down arrow to the current date.

There is also a picture that goes along with the season of that month, Start your customization of the document by changing these images to ones of your actual friends and family. To change the photo, simply right-click on the stock image and select “Change Picture” from the drop-down menu. This will allow you to select any picture from your computer and replace the stock photo.
Once you have all your heartwarming pictures ready for the new calendar year, you can start to enter your schedule. The month you’re currently in and click inside the cell of the day you want to plan something. All you have to do is start typing your event/plan into the appropriate cell.

When you have completed entering your entire schedule for a month, you can print the page to have a psychical copy at all time. Just press “File” then “Print” located at the top of your screen.

Most calendars function the same way. They all give you the opportunity to create a concise schedule of your life. However, there are so few that allow you to express your unique individuality and display your favorite moments in life. Create your own moments with the beautifully designed Picture Calendar!

Download: Picture-Calendar

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