Appointment Calendar

Appointment Calendar


This easy-to-use Excel template quickly and efficiently produces pages for your appointment calendar, each marked with the range of dates in the week listed and plenty of space for you to fill in your appointments for each date.

The calendar, when inserted into your binder or book, will take up two pages opposite each other for a single week, making it easy to see your schedule all at a glance. This basic organizational system keeps you on task rather than worrying about buying more calendar pages.

Simple Appointment Calendar, Just the Basics

There are plenty of factory-produced calendars out there, each with their own confusing complement of some features you want and some you’ll never, ever use.

Why not keep it simple with a calendar that just has the features you know you need? All this calendar does is give you the date, day of the week and twelve full hours of space for you to write in appointment times or planned errands. A simple system makes it simple to stay organized and get things done.

Easy to Create and to Use

To make your first batch of sheets, or to produce more, all you need to do is input the first Monday you would like to be on the calendar and how many weeks of blank calendar pages you’d like. When you’ve inputted your changes, the template will immediately produce the right number of pages for your appointment calendar.

You can even personalize the hour at which you’d like the appointment times listed to begin, or add a message at the bottom of the page. When you’ve got your pages printed, you can use a double-sided copier to make them fit even more conveniently into your appointment book, or just go right ahead and start marking in your appointments.


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