Habitable Zone Calculator

Habitable Zone Calculator

The free Habitable Zone Calculator is a template that will help you better understand the larger universe around you. If you think that Earth is the only planet in the galaxy with the capacity for water and a greater atmosphere, you might be a little surprised after you download this template and learn there is a lot more out there. This document shows you the differences between star types and plots out the planets that fall in the “Habitable Zone” (the zone that maintains the conditions that are optimal for life). Try the free template today to unlock the infinite possibilities.

Using and Downloading the Habitable Zone Calculator

1) This excel shows graphical representation of habitable planets in the universe
2) It also shows main sequence stars, Red Giants, Super Giants, White Dwarfs
3) Shows details of the above-mentioned categories like the temperature, & magnitude
4) The other sheet shows size, mass, luminosity, temp, and the radius in relation to our Sun

Now, let’s get started with actually using the template. Start in the “Compare to Sun” tab to learn about the different stars in the galaxy.

The table shows you the different aspects of the Sun and how they compare to different stars. In this table, our Sun is conveniently labeled “Our Sun” with a yellow highlight. Everything before the Sun is smaller and everything above is larger. You can view the mass, luminosity, temperature in Kelvins, radius, and lifespan (which typically has an inverse relationship to size).

In the “H-R Diagram” tab, you can see a Hertzsprung-Russel diagram of the difference between the Sun and other stars. You have a list of items to check off to filter the stars. At the very bottom, you can select the stars that dwell in the “Habitable Zone” mentioned above.

You can see how using this template will make your understanding of the universe richer and more diverse in a snap!

Download: Habitable Zone Calculator

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