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The timeline template is a great way to document important events in someone’s life. For family autobiographical research, keeping track of all the special happenings from a child’s birth, or trying to recreate one’s personal history, the timeline template has multiple uses that can benefit virtually anyone.

What’s a bonus with this timeline template is that it encourages users to remember specific dates and vivid events by using an impressive and customize friendly layout. Super easy to use, the timeline template is free to download by using this page. The downloading process takes mere seconds on most computers, and opens up using Microsoft Excel, which has all of the awesome custom features that are familiar with Microsoft programs, like Word.

Using the Microsoft Timeline Template

For instructions on how to get started with designing and using your template, simply follow the instructions listed below.

Step One: One you have downloaded the timeline template onto your computer, it opens up using Microsoft Excel and is ready for immediate use. The timeline features a soft gray background with chestnut brown lining and cream colored information boxes. What’s great about this timeline is that it begins around the year of 1910 and you can simply add on new box columns. Designed with a ten-year span per year, the timeline lets you add information in between years and automatically routes its appropriate place on the timeline.

Step Two: Once you’ve begun to start filling in important information, you can save you data accordingly.

Step Three: Make sure to add the title of your timeline template and save it with an easy to remember title in your documents folder. Once you’ve completed your timeline, you can either print a few copies to have on immediate use, but also keep the original file on your computer so that it never goes missing. What’s more, keeping your timeline on your computer allows you to send it in an email with a click of a button, and let other family or friends add information into your timeline!

Special custom features include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Use different colors for different sections of information regarding weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, etc.
  • Simply drag alphabet and numerical columns squares to make more columns.
  • Any mistake of font or sizing can be undone using the ‘undo’ tab button.


And now you should have successfully completed your own personal timeline.

Download: Timeline Template

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