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Using the Science Fair Template provided on this page you can quickly get your project ready to go and focus on the presentation aspect of it. It is an easy way to make your project look very nice is short period of time. Here are some steps to editing the template to fit your project and a few tips to make it really stand out the day of the science fair.

How to Use the Science Fair Template

PowerPoint 2003 or other compatible software will execute the document once you have downloaded it. You can now edit it so it is your own. On the first page, you can change Type your project title here to whatever name you have come up with for your experiment. Your name can simply be swapped with your name. Your teacher’s name can be changed to your science teacher’s name as well as Your school can be changed to the facility you attend.

Moving on to the second page you have an area that you can fill in information about what the problem that you are trying to solve is. As you come to page three, you have an area to write a summary of what you will be doing in your experiment as well as what you think the outcome may be. On the research page, you can enter in information that you have gained from other sources in the bullet points and delete out the “Summarize your research here” in three to five bullet points.

Page five has places for you to put the controlled variables, the independent variables, and the dependent variables. The hypothesis on page six is an educated guess as to the outcome of the procedure. Page seven outlines the materials you will be using while page eight will give detailed information on the steps you will take in the experiment. Once you have completed the experiment, page nine gives you an area to reflect on the outcome. Page ten is reserved for your conclusion and page eleven for the works cited. Once you have completed all of this, your presentation is ready to use.

Tips for Using the Science Fair Template

The Science Fair Template can have many additions that make it more memorable to the judge. If your experiment is to big or too messy to do in front of an audience, it is possible to add a video of it to the procedure page showing what happens. Adding pictures and sound effects to your presentation can give it a comedic appeal. Keep to the point though and do not stray far from your main point. Keep organized and make the presentation flow.

The Science Fair Template available here can save you time when creating a PowerPoint presentation showing off your project. Make it exciting and memorable for the judges and you might just win first place.

Download: Science Fair Template

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